Peessa Ella / Peessa Waterfall(පීස්ස ඇල්ල)

By : Asitha Wijayawardena
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Jan, 2012 3 9 Sunny / Rain Public Transport
Trip Route
Colombo->Badulla->Passara->22 Mile Post->Peesagama->Peesa Ella
Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • Starting early is an advantage
  • Leach Repellent Required
  • Leave only footprints

This trip report is dedicated to My Crew.

Peessa Falls is located in Peessa Vilage on “A5” road. You can take Monaragala or Bibila bus (A5 route) if you are expected to travel by bus. The below board (can be seen at the 22nd mile post form and there is a small Devalaya bit ahead form the board. Turn right as shown by the arrow. There are around 5.5 Km to travel to find the entrance to the waterfall. There are no buses. You can walk if you are traveling in the morning. Or else you can take a three wheeler from 22nd mile post. You need to travel around 500 Meters when the 5 Km post is found. You will find a big bend (most likely “Z” bend) when about 5.5 Km traveled. The entrance is at that bend itself. There are stairs to get down. But most probably they might have covered by grass. There was neither board nor any other sign to show the entrance. You can hear the sound and see the waterfall faraway if you look carefully.

There are two power stations those powered by the Peessa Falls. Therefore there are ditches to take water to them. There are some places we have to be careful when walking towards the waterfall. But it is not very hard to get there. It is better to visit the falls in the morning if you are traveling by bus. It is very hard to find buses after 7.00 P.M to return from 22nd mile post.

Additional Note: We found couple leaches in the path to the falls. It was raining at the moment Therefore it may need to be prepared for that if you are new to this kind of experiences.

Have a Safe Journey!



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