Paramakanda Cave Temple Anamaduwa

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Aug, 2011 1 5 Sunny Car
Trip Route
Kadawatha->Ganemulla->Ja-ela->Palavi->Kurunagala Rd->Vennapuwa->Paramakanda Viharaya
Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • Starting early is an advantage
  • When visiting sacred places dress decent
  • Leave only footprints

This is dedicated to My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

It was a very long day. Many places visited in a single day and Thonigala was our Final destination. But while we were at Thonigala Paramakanda Raja Maha Viharaya was clearly visible from Thonigala 2nd Inscription. In Thonigala Inscriptions it is mentioned that the lake in Thonigala was dedicated to Paramakanda Rajamaha Viharaya. So it encouraged us to visit this magnificent place. It was almost near the sunset, we hurried back to the car after spending some quality time in Thonigala.

We returned back to Puttalam – Kurunagala road and continued till we reach Anamaduwa. From Anamaduwa we had to take a left turn towards our final destination and it was indicated 2.4KM to Majestic Paramakanda Cave Temple. This temple can be reached either from Chilaw or Kurunagala. If you are traveling via Kurunagala it will be approximately 105Km from Colombo to Paramakanda. But if you are traveling from Chilaw it will be approximately 140Kms.
After we traveled around 1Km on the Paramakanda Road we were able to see a large solid rock balancing on top another rock which gave us an indication we are coming closer to our final Destination. Paramakanda temple was built by Mahathissa Thero during King Walagamba’s( 89-77 BC ) time. The temple surely looks historical but there were new additions including a new Sthupa. It was relatively small yet stood majestically back drop of Giant rock.

There was an inscription at Paramakanda Rajamaha Viharaya which believed to be contemporary with Thonigala inscriptions.It is written in Brhamin Letters. (It was pity that the translation was not available near the inscription.) We have spoken to the high priest regarding the inscription and history of the temple but he was not helpful at all.
Anyway, next we visited the house of images (Budugey). It was recently renovated. There is a large Reclining Buddha statue inside house of images. The painting style resemblance the paintings done in Kandy era.

After some time we started our journey towards the top of Paramakanda rock. There was a staircase consisting 150 steps to reach the top. It was a steep climb yet we ran all the way to the top as we were racing against sun. There was a huge rock balancing on the top of the mountain which we saw from Thonigala. The rock surface it self gave signs that it is millions of years old. The colour formation of the rock different from the granite.

The view from the top of Paramakanda was spectacular. We were able to see paddy fields, lakes and a mountain range in a distance. We experienced strong wind conditions as it’s the “Kites Season”.
There were many caves on the top of the mountain as well as there are several on the base of the giant rock mountain. These believed used by enlightened monks in pre historical era. We were able to witness the twilight zone after the sunset and it gave us a signal we should return.

It was the end of a very exciting journey. Hope you all enjoyed it. If you are passing Anamaduwa this is a must visit place. I am doing a research on the historical facts of this temple and will update the report soon.


Have a Safe Journey!

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  1. Hi Dinesh.

    Enjoyed much. Thanks for the detailed trip report.
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