Adventurous Hike to Lakegala Mountain

By : Sanketha
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Jun, 2003 3 10 Sunny & Windy Colombo to Ginigathhena by bus and then to by hiring van.
Trip Route
Colombo -> Kandy -> Hunnasgiriya –> Deanston –> Loolwatta -> Corbett’s Gap -> Meemure And return in the same route
Camping in Meemure

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • Better to carry necessary amount of water when you climbing Lakegala.
  • Do not carry Plastic items, Make sure you bring back everything you took.
  • Prepare for windy whether conditions if you are going in June to September.
  • Leave only Foot prints

This is dedicated to My Crew Members. Special Thanks to Deependra for Providing the Valuable Pictures.

It was a long weekend because of Poson full moon poya day. We were planed to visit Memure and climb the Lakegala mountain. We leave Colombo by bus at around 6PM and able to reach Kandy at around 9PM. We stayed the night at our friend’s house in Kandy.

Next day early morning we visit Dalada Maligawa and then took Mahiyanganaya bus and get down from Hunasgiriya. From Hunasgiriya there is a van going to Memure once a day. We were able to catch the van and reach Memure around 2PM. Lakegala mountain can be seen beautifully from Memure village.

Lakegala mountain is in Meemure village. It is considered the place where King Ravana lifted the Dhadu Monara or Dhandu Monara.

Then we met an elderly person and asked about climbing the Lakegala mountain. He said that season is not good for climbing Lakegala because of the strong wind. But we were not in a mood to give up the idea of climbing Lakegala. That night we camped in the jungle near Memure village. And it was a terrible night, because of heavy wind our tents were going to crash. We had to hold the tent most of the time.

Following day morning we started to climb Lakegala around 10AM. Because of steep climb we kept our bags on the way. But half way when we feel thirsty there was no water with us. Immediately we were started to search for water steam. Finally we were able to find very thin water stream flowing over the rock.

Again we started climbing. Steepness is more than 70 degrees most of time. We had to use ropes for climbing. Last 100 meters are nearly 80 degrees steep. If we miss one step we will end up in few hundred meters down. Because of the risk I and another fellow give up climbing. But others are able to reach the top.


Have a Safe Journey!

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