Scenic Corbats / Corbets / Corbetts Gap via Meemure and Lakegala Mountain

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Dec, 2006 4 8 Sunny Van
Trip Route
Kadawatha->Kandy->Hunnasgiriya->Loolwatta->Corbats Gap->Meemure
Dothalugala Camp Site 

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • Starting early is an advantage
  • Road condition is so bad and 4WD is a Recommanded
  • It’s good if you can carry water stock at least 1L per person.
  • Respect villagers, customs and if you can not help them do not spoil them

This is dedicated to My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

This Report has been written using what we felt; we get to know during our visit, if you are not agreed with the opinions expressed in this report, sorry for the inconvenience.

We did Knuckles Mini World end trail day before yesterday and spent our night in Deanston Conservation Centre. Yesterday we did Dothalugala Mountain hike in Knuckles Range and spent our night in Dothalugala campsite.

If you are coming through Kandy you will have to take Kandy – Maiyanganaya Road and a Left turn at Loolwatta – Hunnasgiriya junction. It will be more than 8KM to reach Deanston Conservation centre which you can attempt famous Mini Worlds End Hike which will only take couple of hours to complete. We spent the night in Dothalugala Campsite which was 2KM away from civilization. So actually our journey starts from there….

We had a sound sleep but suddenly waken near dawn by a roar of a wild animal. We stepped out from the tent with some knives, lanterns and torches. We scouted the area but couldn’t find anything unusual. It was nearly 4 o’clock. The cold breeze gave us goose bumps. It was so damn cold. . In the cold temperature we had a wonderful coffee which was so tasty and helped us to warm ourselves. The long awaited sunrise happened around 6.40AM. It was miraculous.

By 8AM we were ready to visit long awaited journey Meemure through Corbats Gap. We continued the journey from Deanston Conservation center where we got information regarding the attractions near Knuckles Range. But unfortunately we had to postpone the journey to Nitro Cave and Knuckles Mountain from Thangapuwa. (But we climbed the Knuckles Mountain three peaks including the highest peak few months back.) Anyway due to tight schedule we had to limit our journey to Corbat’s Gap and Meemure.

We left Deanston around 9AM and it was nearly 8KM to Corbats Gap which we met after Thgangapuwa. It was 16KM from Loolwatta – Hunnasgiriya Junction ( Kandy – Maiyanganaya Road).You must remember CTB bus goes only up to Loolwatta. There are private van services from Lootwatta to Meemure but if you miss the timings you will have to walk, which is interesting but as well as tiring. The road condition was bad from the beginning to the end. So it is recommended to travel in a good ground clearance vehicle. Although it’s 8KM it took nearly a hour to get there.

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It was an amazing experience. Green mountains were covered with mist and were magical. Corbats Gap is a Wind Gap where the wind flows from one side to another from here. Corbet’s Gap – (“Attala-mettuwa” in Sinhalese) named after the Englishman who discovered it, is a vast split in the range of Knuckles Range. Sometimes extreme wind conditions can be experienced. All the peaks of the Knuckles Mountain were visible from this point. We explored the area and found an abandoned building where people have experienced paranormal activities. We spent more than half an hour near Corbats gap before continuing the journey towards Meemure.

We were able to see most of the mountains in Knuckles range and it was so beautiful and was out of world scenery. But camera didn’t capture the moments as our naked eyes did so sorry for the inconvenience. This is a must get experience in your life if you love nature.

The van couldn’t handle the road by it self it tried but failed. We had to push it hard to get it carefully through some places. It was hard but we had no options left. Van driver didn’t want to go any further. But later convinced him offering more money than agreed.

We had to stop 1KM before Meemure village centre. It was an ascend till we reach Meemure. (If you are traveling using 4WD vehicle this can be tackled and can come near the Meemure village centre.) We were able to see legendary lakegala mountain in a distance. It was a sharp pointy solid rock mountain and we never thought it can be climbed till our friend Sanketha wrote a trip report on a hike to Lakegala.

Sorry but I must say this; Meemure is not the same; it is modernized. Yet still there are few people who live with traditional customs. (Surprisingly Meemure people don’t produce Kithul Hakuru anymore they are selling the products brought from other areas.) Don’t be surprised but this is the truth about Meemure. We, the visitors from Colombo are the ones to blame not anybody. We corrupted innocent minds of the villagers.

Meemure got famous mostly because of Suriya Arana Film by Somarathana Dissanayake. We saw some places used to film. Scenery was interesting on the way to Meemure but Memure is not interesting as I thought it would be…

When we are returning we met a grandmother. She was mocking us saying.
උඹල රංචු පිටින් එනවා මෙහෙ වතුර බලන්න, උඹලගේ පැත්තේ වතුර නැත්ද නා ගන්න. හරිද දැන් මීමුරේ බලගත්තද? සතුටුද? එහෙමනම් අනෙත් එන උන්ටත් කියපන් මෙචර දුරක් ඇවිදලා ඇවිත් වතුර බලා ගත්ත කියල.

After some walking we returned back to Van and went back to Dothalugala Campsite to be returned to Colombo following day.




Have a Safe Journey!

4 Responses to “Scenic Corbats / Corbets / Corbetts Gap via Meemure and Lakegala Mountain”

  1. Hi Dinesh,

    By reading your report my memories goes to 8 years back, where we went to Meemure and climbed Lakegala. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with beautiful pictures.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Dinesh,

    By reading your report my memories goes to 8 years back, where we went to Meemure and climbed Lakegala. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with beautiful pictures.

    Best Regards,

    • Its good to Know that you enjoyed the Article….
      But we are not lucky as you all, still didn’t had time to climb Lakegala.
      BTW, we should meet again, at least for a 1 day trip

  3. Hi Dinesh,

    Wow. What a nice experience.
    Enjoyed your trip report much & thanks for sharing the same.
    Let’s arrange a trip to spend a night at Memure & climb the mighty Lakegala.