Belihuloya Non Pareil / Perial Estate Nagrak Bungalow via Worlds End

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
May, 2010 2 4 Sunny Van
Trip Route
Balumbahara->Kaduwela->Rathnapura->Balangoda->Belihul Oya->Imbulpe->Non Pareil->Worlds End
Camping at Bakers Bend  

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • Special thanks to Kumari Atthanayake
  • Special Thanks to the Superintendent of Non Pareil Estate
  • Special Thanks to Viraj Rathnapriya
  • If you are planning to Camp you MUST have special permission from the estate management. (It’s a private property and entering without permission is prohibited)
  • Camp at your own Risk
  • There are lots of water sources along the way.
  • Starting early is an advantage
  • Road condition is so bad and 4WD is a MUST (At least have 2 spare wheels.)
  • Mobile signals only available in few places (Near Non Perial Factory & Nagrak Bungalow)
  • Hiking stick will be useful.
  • This Trip is Organized by the Sri Lankan Travellers Forum

This is dedicated to My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

This was a long awaited trip arranged in an unexpected series of events. We planned a trip to Sri Pada via Hapugasthenna, yet it had to be postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. Everything Happen for a Good Reason, That’s what we believe as adventures.

It was a long wait near Balummahara finally Nissan Vannete arrived with the pleasant face which always had a smile; dear friend Viraj. Road was clear and we continued the journey towards Kaduwella where we picked our hiking professional Shashika. From there onwards we continued till Avaissawella where we purchased our food items. On our way we refreshed with king coconut and learnt how to eat “Kahakada” thanks to Viraj. We got blessings from Maha Saman Dewalaya Rathnapura. We had our lunch in a “Lori Kade” near Balangoda and it was very good. Finally arrived at Non Perial Estate road around 3.30PM.(Nirmal Joined us in the Evening)

Non Perial Easte road goes through Samanala sanctuary and from the Sabaragamua side of the Balathuduwa & Gonmolli Kanda. The same road leads to Hirikatuoya Information Centre which facilitated by Forest Department. Camping facilities available there but have to be booked from Sampathpaya, Forest Dept head office. The road condition was manageable by a van. When we traveled along the road about 1KM we were fortunate to see the Balangoda – Non Perial bus service which is the only public transport service available to the estate.

The route became more scenic & got colder each KM we traveled. There are ……KM to be tackled by an experienced driver to reach Non perial estate. It is an ascend from the beginning and it’s a very narrow road. Along the way we saw several waterfalls which are unnamed till this date.

Till we reach Non Perial estate factory division we didn’t had mobile signal. Finally reached factory division this is where the last stop of public transport. To reach here 3 wheeler costs minimum 1200 rupees. Non Perial Estate divided in to four divisions as Factory Division, Upper Diviosion, Ogalduwa Division and Nagrak Division. We were able to see worlds end from Factory division. The scenery near the factory is unforgettable.

Mr Romesh arranged us accommodation in Nagrak Bungalow but we had a practical problem reaching there with a Van. So he gave an option to camp in Upper Division which was a 15 minute drive from the Factory. It was also exciting, because that’s the place directly under World’s end. If anyone jumps from the worlds end he/she falls in to this place where he suggested us to camp. But we had a problem with that cause the camp site is surrounded by houses. So we informed him we will try to get closer to Nagrak somehow. So he suggested “The Bakers Bend” as the campsite. Viraj risked his vehicle getting us there. I have never seen a road steep as that and the road is worst than Devils Staircase road (Kalupahana Ohiya Jeep Track). In many places we had to get down remove stones from the road and etc. Even you have a 4WD driving in this road is not recommended as tires surely get damaged.

Finally on sunset we reached there and no words to describe the beauty, yet we had no time to photograph the beauty. We quickly prepared 2 tents and Viraj started preparing the dinner while we were helping. Had a wonderful dinner and it was so cold at night. The calmness of this place is remarkable. We slept hearing the sound of the wind. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Mobile Signal is not available to this place.

The next day morning we got up early to see the sunrise. The sun rose from the top of Gonmolli kanda. We were surprised to see the views of this place. We were able to see samanala wewa,udawalawa,chandrika wewa and finally Hambanthota sea. Wow!! Don’t have words to describe the view just see some pictures you might understand. But pictures don’t show the real beauty of this place. Bakers bend was ……….ft up from sea level & Heaven might be a place like this I guess!

We took so many photographs from different angle and photo session continued till 7AM, when we started preparing our breakfast. After having the breakfast we started the journey towards Nagrak Division by foot around 8AM. It was a continuous ascends to tackle and was very tiring as the sunrays hit us directly. Luckily there were lots of water sources along the way. But we always used water purification tablets before drinking for safety precaution.

There are 2 paths to Worlds end one starts from Belihul Oya (Which is the traditional one starts near Hawagala) and its 5Km from Belihul Oya to Nagrak Division and we took the longer route which is more than 17Km to Nagrak Division. After one hour continuous walk we came across the place where 2 main paths to worlds end meet, the Nagrak Division. Nagrak Division above 6,990feet. This place you are able to get mobile signal.

From this point onwards we had to walk from Nagrak, a small estate workers village with several houses. If you want to purchase anything you better do so as this is the last place you meet with a shop.

Mist came from nowhere; still we were able to witness breath taking views. We continued till we reach Nagrak Holiday Bungalow. Sometimes we used shortcuts through estate which was very steep but saved some time. Slipped; fell down; continued ultimately reached Nagrak Bungalow. The bungalow was very nice and situated in a place where manager can see up to the southern sea. It was …….ft above se level. Back yard of Nagrak bungalow is Horton Plains.It took 2.30 hours continuous walk from Bakers Bend to reach Nagrak Bungalow. We relaxed a bit had some refreshment and filled our water bottles.

By 10.45AM we started the journey towards Worlds end from the left side of the bungalow where it has some cement steps. The path was clear mostly, but recommended to travel with a GPS or a Map & a Compass. In some places there animal paths in to the jungle, but mostly main trek was clear. When we entered the trail we were already in Horton Plains Nature Reserve yet had to travel more than 3KM to reach the top of the plateau vertical drop World End. The cloud forest was less dense as we go upwards. This trail is not recommended to do in rain. We had to crawl on all 4 in many places to avoid thrones and bamboo.

We walked for 1 hour and 15 minutes and reached the edge of the Horton plains plateau. From this point onwards there are lots of foot paths and you have to be careful which route to take if returning in the same route. Finally after creeping through a forest patch we were able to come to Greater Words End. But this was not visited by crowd come to Horton Plains National Park. When we reached this point it took 1 hour and 40 minutes from Nagrak Bungalow. We descended 200M to reach the famous attraction of Horton Plains, the Worlds End. It was an 800M vertical drop to Non Perial Estate Upper Division. It was misty when we reached there.

But after few minutes later it started to rain. Mist got cleared, we took some pictures and hurried to get down as it rain got stronger. The rain continued till we reach Bakers Bend and we were shaking due to the cold drops of rain and the temperature which was below 12C. We safely reached Bakers Bend but everything was soaked in water. We camped there for the second night and reached Colombo safely on the following day.



Have a Safe Journey!

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  4. Well done Dinesh,Nirmal,Viraj Will arrange another trip soon

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