Asupini Ella /Ahupini Ella/ Asu Pini Ella(30M) Aranayaka

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Feb, 2010 4 4 Sunny Van
Trip Route
Gampola->Dolosbage Road->Kurunduwatta Town->Madhagoda Junc->Uduwella->Asupini Ella


Colombo -> Mawanella -> Aranayake -> village -> trekking for a distance of 1.5 km

Dhanusha’s Home – Gampola

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • This trip is arranged in Sri Lankan Travellers forum “Adventurous Trip To Knuckles Range”
  • Start the trail as early as possible
  • Special Thanks to Dhanushka and his family.
  • Bathing in this Fall is VERY DANGEROUS.
  • Leave only Footprints

This is dedicated to My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

Morning we visited Raxagala in Dolosbage range. Many waterfalls formed from the natural springs in Dolosbage range. Afternoon after the rewarding Raxshagala hike we planned to visit the legendary Asupini Ella. It was in my to do list for a long time and have seen the waterfall from a distance when we did Scenic Bathalegala Hiking Experience.

Ahupini Ella / Asupini Ella from Bathalegala

Raxshagala - Birth Place of Asupini Ella

It was around 12.30PM when we had biscuits as lunch on the base of Kabaragala, the highest in Dolosbage mountain range. After the lunch we continued our journey on Dolosbage – Gampola road towards Gampola. After we traveled approximately 1 ½ km we turned left towards …………….. The road condition is manageable in a low ground clearance vehicle. We traveled more than 5 – 6km when we met a waterway flowing parallel to the road. We followed the water way and came to a dead end where it had a natural pool.

To see we have followed the water source of the Asupini Ella for over 2KMs. From here onwards we had to walk for 750M to reach the Asupini Ella observation huts. The walk was a descend from the beginning to the end. In some point we saw some breathtaking scenery towards Aranayaka side. The first glance of the waterfall showed the uniqueness of the fall. Ultimately reached the observation hut and sure it was a beauty. But it gave haunting feeling.

If you are an adventurer you can trek the Asupini Ella from Aranayaka to the observation hut. It is a quite a ascend but surely will be a remarkable journey.

So many people have died in this fall and it is NOT RECOMMEND going to the base or the top of the waterfall. There is a place on the top of the falls where legend says mythical horse jumped over the falls. It seems it is jumpable to the naked eye, but it cannot be jumped as it has much more distance than we can see. Many people died attempting to do this.

From LCWF website :

The 30m fall forms part of the Maha River that originates from both sides of the Raksawa mountains, and is itself 570m above sea level. The upper area of the fall winds through an area known as Uda Palatha, upstream of which is the Divisional Secretary’s Uduwella GS area, in the backdrop of Apalawatte Pallegama village.

The fall forms a plunge pool strewn with rocks where people are not encouraged to bathe due to the risk of drowning. Also at the base of the pool are crevasses known as Pinikandawela and Tissakumarawella that are said to house treasure by villagers.

The fall is steeped in history. According to ancient books written about border demarcations, this fall acted as a demarcation between the area of Satara Korale and Paranu Kuru Korale. Also, according to folklore, the fall derives its name from a desperate suicide attempt, where a mounted monarch leapt from its upper reaches. Villagers say that the fall sometimes emits a fearsome roar that can last for 15 minutes, and that this signifies that it will claim a human sacrifice within a two-month period. The fall is 49km from Pussalawe and 44km from Kitugala. The upper reach is about 5km from Dolosbage in the Kandy District, and can be accessed by passing Aranayake. The foot of the fall can be reached by traveling through Mawanella in the Kegale District, across Aranayake. A four-wheel drive vehicle is the best option.

Person we met in the village said the waterfall is haunted and sometimes they hear a crying out loud sound from the waterfall and if it happens surely somebody will die following day. According to folklore 33 queens and a king have commited suicide by jumping into the Asu Pini Ella waterfall. Also people believe that there is a protector to the falls in a form of a Golden Fish.

After spending some quality time we spend there we returned to van to end the journey for that day.


Have a Safe Journey!

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  1. Hi Dinesh,

    Enjoyed much.
    Thanks for sharing a nice experience.
    Thus refresh sweet memories at Aranayake area, in my last visit.