Peacock Hill / Monaragala (4991ft)

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Feb, 2010 4 6 Sunny Van
Trip Route
Gampola->Ulapane->Kadadora->Doragala->Peacock Hill(Monaragala)
Dhanusha’s Home – Gampola

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • This trip is arranged in Sri Lankan Travellers forum “Adventurous Trip To Knuckles Range”
  • Start the trail as early as possible
  • Special Thanks to Dhanushka and his family.
  • There are NO water sources along the way, Better to Carry Water.
  • Leave only Footprints

This is dedicated to My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

One day while I was browsing Facebook I saw a picture of PeacockHill(Monaragala) taken by Anjana Gunathilaka long time back and it inspired to do this hike. So from that moment onwards Peacock hill was a hike that I was waiting eagerly to do. Ultimately while planning Knuckles trip I managed to insert it to the itinerary and all the team members agreed to do so.

Night was young when we started the journey from Colombo and it took almost 3 hours to reach Gampola. We stayed at Dhanuska’s place. Next day early morning we left to hike Peacock hill after a tasty breakfast prepared by our friend’s mother. On our way we didn’t forget to see Kothmale reservoir which is an extremely rewarding work done by Late Mr.Gamini Dissanayaka. By 10.30 AM we left towards our destination and we had to take Doragala – Kothmale route. The road was in very bad condition, however we were managed to tackle it using a car. Towards Doragala was a continuous ascending and on our way we passed Mahaweli Maha Seya. There will be a trip report on Kothamale Reservoir and Mahaweli Maha Seya in time to come.

Peacock Hill Monaragala Sri Lanka

When we reached Doragala tea factory it was around 11AM. We reached a T junction and we had to leave the car behind a small boutique in Doragala and had to take a 3 wheeler to the base of peacock hill as the road condition was not good at all. They asked Rs200 but it was well worth. It was a continuous ascends and the road was not maintained at all. Along our way we were able to see vegetable farms. Surprisingly, most vegetables grow only in Nuwaraeliya. It is said that the climate of this area is similar to Nuwaraeliya and Doragala is in Kandy /Nuwaraeliya border. After traveling for around 1Km we saw the first glimpse of the mountain and captured the moment.

Anyway after thirty minutes of bumpy ride we came to the foot hill of legendary peacock hill. There were two trailheads and we choose the one recommended by 3 wheel drivers. It was a wide path across a pine forest and the hike was not a tiring one, still it was a continuous ascend. Seems telecommunication tower companies have cleared the path to carry equipments. It was so calm and beautiful. Last few days rain has washed away the pine needles and it was an advantage for us to travel without slipping.

After 45 minutes hike we came across the towers and walked to the right corner of the mountain. The sceneries were so beautiful and photos won’t do justice for what we saw with our naked eyes. Kothmale Reservoir, tea fields below the valley was a stunning sight. After spending some time there we walked towards the summit point. The summit had a small antenna and a small statue of Lord Buddha. All the other telecommunication antennas were below the summit point. The shape of the mountain is similar to peacock from one perspective, hence its named Monaragala (Peacock Hill).

The most exciting part is getting to the best viewing point. It was a rock bed below 3M from the summit and to reach there travelers have to be bit careful. Anyway the view from there was extra ordinary and we were able to see Nuwaraeliya side,Pussellawa and Kothmale reservoir very clearly. Also the most interesting fact is prince Gemunu has been hide in the cave below the rock bed until he organize the battles to fight with King Elara. Prince Gemunu stayed in this historical Kotmale area disguised as a cow puncher. The cave is still there and we tried to get in but it was hazardous so gave up the idea. We spent valuable 30 minutes on the summit and refreshed our self’s before departing.

While we were descending we met the guardian of telecommunication towers. According to him there are leopards and about 20 wild buffalos in the mountain. He has seen leopards several times and he said it is not recommended to do the hike after 6PM. Also he has been to the cave used by King Gamunu (Dutu-Gamunu).

The real name of King Dutu-Gamunu is King Gamunu. There was a conspiracy by Non Sinhalese against King Gamunu and they named King Gamunu as Dutta-Gamini alias Dutugamunu. The meaning of this is Cruel Gamunu. They have succeeded in their conspiracy and still we call King Gamunu as Dutu Gamunu(Cruel Gamunu).

Anyway after bidding goodbye to the person working in towers we continued our schedule.


Have a Safe Journey!

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