Raxagala / Raxshagala / Dolosbage Mountain Range (4691ft)

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Feb, 2010 4 4 Sunny Van
Trip Route
Gampola->Dolosbage Road->Raxawa Estate->Raxagala
Dhanusha’s Home – Gampola

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • This trip is arranged in Sri Lankan Travellers forum “Adventurous Trip To Knuckles Range”
  • Start the trail as early as possible
  • Special Thanks to Dhanushka and his family.
  • Should Carry at least 1L of stock of water.
  • Leave only Footprints

This is dedicated to My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

Early morning we woke up with the sound mind thinking of the success of the previous day hike to peacock hill. Our original plan was to visit Knuckles on that day, but change of weather pattern gave us opportunity to visit Raxagala/Raxshagala in Dolosbage mountain range. We were determined to visit Dolosbage mountain range when we saw it from Mahaweli Maha Seya. It was the highest mountain range in that area and was very important as it gave birth to water sources in that area which turned in to beautiful waterfalls. It includes mountains such as Kabaragala, Raxagala and many others. There are several waterfalls such as Asupini Ella,Nalangana Ella,Rukmal Ella and etc starts from Dolosbage Mountain Range. Asupini ella(Ahupini Ella) originated from Raxagala Mountain.

There are scheduled CTB and private busses to Dolosbage from Gampola but unfortunately there weren’t a bus till 10.30AM that day so after the breakfast at Dhanuska’s place in Sinhapitiya-Gampola we hired a van to go to Raxagala which cost us Rs 3500. The road was in very good condition and the scenery was extraordinary. While we were traveling right end in the valley giant solid rock Bathalegala(Bible Rock) stood majestically from a distance. I still regret that I hated geography in school days which made no sense at that time which is making sense now. Anyway photos won’t reveal the true beauty of what we saw and the feeling is more important than the capture. We continued the journey after few minutes while discussing the Scenic Bathalegala Hiking Experience.

After few kilometers we passed Kurunduwatta which was a modernized town, the main hub whether you plan to go to Dolosbage or many other towns near by. While passing Kurunduwatta we saw a rare sight. We saw Sripada, although I have climbed it using 5 routes out of 6 I still can’t get enough. Every time I saw Adams Peak it prompt me I should climb it again. Van was stopped for few minutes photographs were taken and continued the journey towards Dolosbage. After few kilometers we were able to see both the destination visited last day. Peacock hill and Mahaweli Maha Seya was seen from a tea field near by. What a fascinating sight. Journey continued till we reach Raxsawa Estate – Dolosbage junction in Raxawa. We were lucky that we found a guide from a shop near by. There were more that 2Km to the factory and after getting permission from the management we traveled further up till the road came to a dead-end near an estate workers housing scheme. The road was well maintained till the end and has to be thankful for the estate management for that.

It was hot and sunny when we got there. Still we planned to continue the journey without hesitation. Spooky looking Kabaragala was smiling at us and at that moment we decided we have to climb that mountain oneday. But it only can be climbed from Nawalapitya. Till that day…. Keep Smiling…

We saw that it was a quite climb to the top of Raxagala. The guide took us to a small worshiping place to “Pathini Amma” and he said it’s the mountain of “Pathini Amma”. Usually people visit there and get blessings before climbing the sacred mountain. Next to that place there was a metal structure. There was a cable car system at early days to transport tea leave from the high lands to the factory. It might have been a interesting when it was operational.Also a spring water pool which supplied water to power up a power generator of Raxagala factory.

We started the journey from the estate, after filling our water bottles with icy cold water which originated from Raxagala. At the beginning there were paths used by villagers to collect firewood and etc. But after 500M walk path despaired and it lead to us to a dead end. While searching for the trek we saw that the trail continues from there but it was not been used for a while and was very difficult to walk cause of small bushes, Mana and thorns along the way. We met several waterways in the beginning of the path which formed from Raxagala.

After a quite long walk we came across the base of Raxagala and beyond this point there was a prominent path most of the time. We stopped to refresh ourselves and continued the journey. The ascend was steep in some points and the path became more interesting as we were in to the wilderness. Some points we had to hang on trees to get support, some points we had to crawl along rocks and it was amazing. There was an easy route to the top. But land slides had completely destroyed the route and people formed a new route to the top which we used.

After few Kms walk we came across the summit and were covered with Mana. Right end of the summit we were able to see the rock formation. We continued the journey and just few hundred meters before the final climb we came across a dewalaya for “Pathini Amma”. We got blessings and continued till we reach the final climb.

The final climb was steep and there was nothing to hold on to. Also the ground was slippery. We had to crawl by all four to get to the top. To reach the rock formation we have to be careful as there was an abyss left end of the path and the path was narrow. The rock formation was amazing and I have never seen anything like that anywhere in Sri Lanka. The rock was granite but it covered with brown color due to some kind of chemical reaction. The unbelievable rock formation is a result of erosions happened for million of years.

View from the top was not clear as there was a forest cover. We stayed there for around 45 minutes before getting down.


Have a Safe Journey!

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  2. Machan Dinesh,

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