Uda Maliboda / Ihala Maliboda / Deraniyagala Route to Sri pada

By : Dinesh Deckker
Contact the Author : dineshdsd@gmail.com | 0716- 818740
Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Jan, 2010 3 6 Sunny Public Transport | Van
Trip Route
Pettah->Avissawella->Deraniyagala->Uda Maliboda->Dik eli Kanda->Pandeniya River Crossing->Indikatupana->Hatton Road->Nallathaniya->Hatton->Colombo
Accommodation in Uda Maliboda

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • This trip is arranged in Sri Lankan Travellers forum “Udamalimoda Sri Pada Karunawa”
  • Start the trail as early as possible
  • It will be easy if you can find accommodation in Uda Maliboda or Dikeli Kanda and start early morning
  • Always carry extra food in case you are lost.
  • Special Thanks to A Very Special friend and his family.
  • Special Thanks to Mithila Somasiri for his trail guide.
  • There are lots of water sources along the way.
  • Always keep an eye about the water levels, do not cross if the water level is high
  • Leach Repellent is a MUST
  • This is a VERY LONG TOUGH hike and not recommended for elderly people or children

This is dedicated to a Special Friend, My Crew and My Lovely Wife without you all this has not been possible.

I still remember after the continuous rain for days, when we (Me, Shashika, Nirmal, Lakmal) reached Pettah bus stand to board into an Avissawella bus the sky was clear we felt a cold breeze. As always Mother Nature supported us through out the journey… Thank you… Our plan was to reach Avaisawella by 8.30AM but it took more time than we estimated. Two of our trip mates Hiruna and Viraj were waiting for us over 30 minutes. Meantime they were able to purchase food items and etc needed for the journey. When all of us gathered we traveled towards Deraniyagala and met our friend’s brother who guided us to our accommodation. We hired a van from Deraniyagala and it took Rs.3000 to go to Dik eli Kanda. On our way we stopped at “Nakkavita Suspension Bridge” which was in pristine condition. We walked over the bridge and it was thrilling and exciting. Also on our way we stopped at a famous “Sapatthu Palama” to take some pictures, pity they have replaced it with a new bridge.

While traveling through the narrow road towards Uda maliboda we saw legendary Seven falls and Seven Virgins mountain range at a distance which are future hikes for us. At one place we saw Sri Pada but couldn’t capture it as we didn’t have chance to stop.

Anyway we reached our base camp and spent the night. First day we relaxed, had a cold river bath to refresh. Next day morning we started the trail around 7.30AM and walked towards trailhead. It was an up hill journey towards trailhead and on our way we saw some extraordinary sights. We reached Pandeniya River by 8.45AM and crossed it to enter the trailhead. Before starting the trail we hanged a branch in another branch according to ancient rituals. It was a continuous up hill journey and was tiring. It was difficult to tackle the track due to rough underfoot conditions and villagers haven’t cleaned the trail. There were many obstacles as fallen trees and branches. For around 1KM we were able to hear the sound of Pandeniya river underneath the hill.

There were many water sources and we stopped one to have refreshment. Ten Minutes later we continued the journey and we were walking though thick jungle and it was dark although it was afternoon. Many places we had trouble finding the trail and used our GPS only when we were at serious risk of loosing the trail. Yet we had walked on elephant tracks and we lost twice and walked 3KM+ extra. We had to walk to the last known place to find the trail. Believe it or not cigarette packet and some chocolate wrapping paper helped us to find the correct track. There were lots and lots of elephant droppings all over the jungle and in some places it’s hard to imaging how they traveled. Although there are many elephants none have seen them. It is a fact that these elephants in the jungle were small made and called “Kuru Ali”.

Leaches were a serious issue while doing this trail and they are like guerilla attackers, there were millions of them. I couldn’t imagine the situation if we had to spend the night in the jungle.

The trail was similar most of the time and we came across open areas twice or thrice. Other than that it was same and this route is not a scenic route.But it goes 8KMs through Adams Peak Forest reserve. After a long continuous walk we came across “Kuru Ganga” around 3.30PM. We relaxed a bit and the continuation of the trail lies 50M downstream.

We safely crossed the Kuru Ganga, the Seetha Gangula in Deraniygala route. We were lucky that the water level was low. Somehow after crossing Kuru Ganga the next 1 ½ Km became somewhat easy comparing to the past. There were few ascend to tackle and the trail was mostly descending and there were flat sections. After about 750M walk we were able to see signs of civilization. It surprised us to see elephant droppings less than 100M to the Earthna trail. Al last by 4.54PM we reached Erathna trail and relaxed a bit before continuing. Sadly, it was a continuous up hill journey but we were determined and our ambition was to see sunrise on following morning. The scenery was breathtaking. We were able to see Kunudiya Parwathaya at a distance.

After reaching Haramitipana Ambalama we decided to rest there and continue the journey on the following morning. There was a teashop in front of Amabalama and we had roti as late lunch and rice for dinner. Tried to sleep a bit but it was so cold we couldn’t close our eyes. After bidding goodbyes to shopkeeper, by 1.55AM we started uphill journey.

Moonlight and the lights on the way showed us the way up to the summit. It was freezing cold when we reached the summit and it was 5.45AM. The sun began rising at 6.25AM and it was a miraculous moment. So I video graphed everything to show my bellowed readers.

“Karunawai Karunawai Saman Devindu Karunawai”

Have a Safe Journey!

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  2. Superb Machan!!!
    No other words needed. Superb!!!
    Great if you can convert this to Sinhala too.
    Jaya wewa!!!

  3. Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for refreshing our memories.

    Awaiting many more !



  4. Wow wonderful hike.
    Great work Dinesh and the hiking team. I really missed you all.