Sembuwaththa / Sembuwatta / Sembuwatha Lake, Matale

By : Dhanushka Liyanage
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Dec, 2010 3 9 Sunny | Misty Van
Trip Route
Kandy -> Ukuwela junction ->Elkaduwa->Hunugala road->Sembuwatta Lake
Sembuwaththa Lake

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This travelogue is dedicated to my team Members.

We started the journey around 9.00 am from Kandy. It was a 2 hour drive to scenic Sembuwaththa Lake. This beautiful lake is situated in Elkaduwa – Matale district. If you are travelling from Colombo first of all you have to reach Kandy city then take the Kandy Matale main road. Once you come to the Ukuwela junction turn right towards to the Elkaduwa road. Then you have to reach the Elkaduwa junction which is a small city. From Elkaduwa you have to take the Hunugala road. There will be a 3- 4km drive on the Hunugala road then again you have to take the turn to the right which will take you to the beautiful Sembuwaththa Lake. There is another alternate way that you can reach this place is from Kandy you have to take the Madawala road this will take you to the Wattegama town. From Wattegama you can reach Elkaduwa junction and then have to take the Hunugala road. Condition of the road from Ukuwela to Sembuaththa Lake is not too good in condition. So it’s better to drive in a jeep. Road is narrow and too many bends.

sembuwatha lake

According to Mr. Jayawickrama who is very good friend of my uncle this lake is located in western side of the knuckles mountain range. The visible mountain range is a part of the Knuckles range. From here we can reach “Madolkele”, “MeMale”, “Nellimale”, & kabaragala which belong to the knuckles mountain range.

You can arrange camping and spend the night as well.

According to the villagers during the British rule this place was their golf course later they have converted this place to a lake.

Please do not bathe in the lake. According to the person who in charge of this place, lake is 30 to 40 feet deep.

There is a pool that has been built from spring water.

Currently this lake belongs to the elkaduwa plantations. This lake produces electricity for the villagers who live in Sembuwaththa division in Elkaduwa estate.

Have a Safe Journey!

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  1. Hi Dhanushka,

    Seems to be a very nice travel location.
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  2. Hi Dhanushke,
    Thank you for this detailed explanation.
    I have not visited this place, but I’m now really intrested visiting it now.
    Please do continue your contributions, so that beauty of this amazing country can be discoved by more.

  3. Can’t sometimes believe that this is Sri Lanka!!Awesome!!!!!!

  4. Nice Pics.Great work

  5. Hi Dhanushka,

    I’m planning to go visit this place next weekend so please let me know whether it is possible travel by a bus(Toyota coaster)to sembuwatta lake.Thank you for your nice trip report.