Lower Bray Estate, Hill Safari Lodge

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Dec, 2010 3 9 Sunny | Pouring Van
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Colombo -> Haputale ->Beragala->Ohiya
Hill Safari Eco Lodge – Ohiya

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This travelogue is dedicated to my team Members and My lovely Wife.

Exciting journey Bomburu ella ended around 5.00PM and we returned to Welimada and bought food items and when we started the journey towards Beragala it was dusk. From Beragala we took Ohiya road and when we were driving towads Ohiya it was dark and misty. From Udaweria – Horton Plains Junction (Near Udaweria board) we had to to take a left turn and after 1KM drive we came across a very old house when we passed that we came across a board saying “Lower Bray Estate”. From this point onwards road was not in good condition and low ground clearance vehicle cannot make this bit. We couldn’t see any scenery and slept early after a tiring day. Next morning we got up early and when reached Hill Safari Lodge’s so called Dondra View point it was Dawn.

After the Sunrise we couldn’t beleive our eyes it felt we were in heaven. We were able to see Balathoduwa and Gonmolli Kanda in Distance and the view was magnificiant.

Hill Safari Eco Lodge Ohiya

It was a view towards infinity across the valley. We also saw Udaweria tea factory and the surroundings it was breathtaking scenery.

Hill Safari Lodge UdaweriyaUdaweriyaUdaweriya Tea Factory

Hill Safari Eco Lodge is a compact bungalow in Lower Bray Estate, in Ohiya, a 50-acre tea plantation situated in the gap between Udaweria and Ohiya estates, with the elevation of nearly 7,500 feet. Udaweria and Ohiya estates are two of the highest tea plantations in Sri Lanka – the elevation rises from 6,500 to 7,600 feet above sea level. At Nights it is freezing cold and the days we stayed there it was 8C.

Hill Safari Eco Lodge is a basic facility bungalow and can accomodate up to 15 People.The care taker is very helpful and there are so many excursions if you looking for adventure. It is certainly a place to relax, enjoy a cool fresh water bath in the spout close to the bungalow and whose water source originates within the estate, providing water to the bungalow ultimately ending up at Uda Walawe river, which can be seen at a distance of around 80 kilo meters towards the south.

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මිහිදුම් සළුවෙන් හැඩවූ කිරිගල්පොත්ත මනාලිය

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  1. This is actually one of my favorite places in SL. Thank you so much for publishing this valuable report which will help many others who would like to do adventurous things just like you.

  2. Hi Dinesh,

    What a wonderful experience.

    Thanks for sharing