Bomburu Ella (Widest Waterfall in Sri Lanka)

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Year & Month Number of Days Crew Weather Transport
Dec, 2010 3 9 Sunny Van
Trip Route
Colombo -> Rathnapura ->Balangoda->Haputhale ->Welimada->Bomburu Ella
Hill Safari Eco Lodge – Ohiya

Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • Leave only foot Prints
  • Better use local help to locate the Road
  • Do not try to bath near the Base pool.
  • Stones are Slippery and mind the steps

This travelogue is dedicated to my team Members and My lovely Wife.

After admiring the small but stunning beauty of Surathali Ella we continued our journey towards Haputhale. The sky was cloudy and while we were climbing Haputhale Mountain, mist came from nowhere and felt we were in a movie. Though we enjoyed it gave a hard time to the driver. Anyway after reaching Haputhale we took Haputhale – Boralanda route to reach Walimada. The road was in average condition and easily can be managed using a car. While traveling though Turpentine forest patch we felt cold even though its mid of the day and the sceneries kept us occupied. We arrived Welimada town around 2PM and had our lunch in “Goldstar Hotel”. The price was reasonable and the food was tasty. Welimada town was full of dirt due to some constructions.

After our lunch we used a small metal bridge to enter Welimada – Bomburu Ella road and if you are using public transport you can use Colombo – Welimada(79) bus from Pettah and from Welimada you can use Welimada – Bomburu Ella Road(332). Busses are frequent in Bomburu Ella route and the last bus leaves Welimada 6PM.

01. Welimada

02. Ambagasdowa (3Km)

03. Walahamulla (8Km)

04. Uduhawara (4Km)

04. Perawella (4Km)

05. Bomburuella (2Km)

The Bomburu Ella road has more than 5 turns till you reach the village so we used local’s guidance to reach our destination. (Two local lads willingly helped us and we much appreciate the guidance they have given.) The road was damaged in several places and only a high ground clearance can make it. When we traveled around 6Kms we met a road sign indicating 11Kms to Bomburu Ella. After driving around 4Km we met another sign board towards upper road (“Uda Para”) indicating 4Km to the Bomburu Ella. After driving 4Km we reached a small boutique and frankly there was no sign of the waterfall.

When we enquired locals informed that the trail head starts from the left side of the boutique. So our group started walking towards Bomburu Ella using the above mentioned trail. Right side of the trail there were houses and the left side there were beans cultivation. We passed some water ways and after walking for around 1Km we came across a wooden bridge which was risky. (But soon they are going to construct a cement bridge). After crossing the bridge we came across a vegetable farm and we saw the first glimpse of the fall.

WoW! What a Beauty!!

We stayed there for a while before continuing the trail towards the base of Bomburu Ella. Clicked some Photos and enjoyed the view. After 15 minutes time we started continuing the trail. After walking around 300 meters we came across a forest patch, the path was clear and there was a water supplying tube along the way. But when we were so close the paths deviated and had to take odds getting in to the correct path leads to the base of the Bomburu Ella. The correct path has an ascend and after continuing for few hundred meters you can clearly see the base of the fall.

Carefully we were able to reach the base of the fall and it was wide and huge. It was the most beautiful Waterfall I have ever seen in Sri Lanka up to now. The beauty of this fall is so unique. More than just a waterfall where water crashing down from a cliff; Bomburu Ella has many layers and it is a complicated natural creation of the Mother Nature. Bomburu Ella is considered as the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. I have no words to describe the beauty of this fall and I must say “Photos won’t do Justice to this fall”.

We took some photos and videos and waited there for around 30 minutes and returned back. While retuning it rained, yet we were managed to get in to the van.

From Trail-head to the fall it’s around 2.5Km and this is a walk you won’t regret in your life. So my advice is if you are traveling to Welimada try to allocate some time to experience the serenity beauty of Bomburu Ella

Have a Safe Journey!

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  1. What a lovely place….
    Thank you so much for taking us to this wonderful place.
    Keep up the good works dude.

  2. Its very very beautiful water fall ,i have never never seen like this in my life….Great Job Dinesh

  3. Mmmmm… Another destination added to the list.
    Thank you :)

  4. Hi Dinesh,

    At least you did it….!
    Seriously, I’m jealous on your exploration.
    Thanks you for sharing a rare experience with a “real Trip Report”.

    Keep Walking



    • This is a long awaited journey and we missed you a lot machan and i know you badly wanted to see this, thats why i have added the videos..