Ohiya – Kalupahana Jeep Track ( Devils Staircase | Devils Road )

By : Dinesh Deckker
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Travel Tips, Travel Notes and Special remarks
  • If you plan to drive this check your vehicle and take at least 1 spare wheel.
  • You Must have previous tough driving experience.
  • Road is not good from the start and if you love u r vehicle don’t try to do this
  • Start Early as possible | Must carry the tool box
  • If there is thick mist better be careful.
  • Thank you very Much Amila for giving us this opportunity…
  • Special thanks goes to all my team members.

This travelogue is dedicated to Amila & Narmada, Krishan, Hiruna, Nirmal and to My Lovely Wife…..

We started the journey from Boralanda and traveled through Boralanda – Ohiya Road which was an interesting drive; road was in good condition most of the time and for few kilometers there is a nice drive through turpentine forest.

Then after some drive we came across Ohiya station which is a main landmark. From there you need to pass the station and have to continue the road up to few kilometers where it comes to a Y junction. Road to the right leads to Horton Plains and road to the left leads to Udaweriya estate. We started the journey from that point around 4.05PM.

While traveling on this road you will be able to see the road we need to tackle and an abandoned tea factory and some scenery. The road is not good from the start but in some places they have laid concrete; so we wished it was like that it will be same through out the journey but it was a wish which didn’t came through. We had to travel through house complexes of estate workers and I must say I feel very sorry for them.

After few Kilometers drive we came across another imported Y junction and from there we had to take the road on the left indication Udaweriya tea factory. There is a abandoned tea factory and don’t mistake it as Udaweriya tea factory.

After around 20 minutes drive we got down and walked along the path, enjoying the scenery. It was breathtaking and we were able to see the road we had to tackle from a distance.

We got on to the jeep again and continued the journey towards Udaweriya estate and from there we chosen Kalupahana route.

After a descend we came to a place where there was a small town and near that place there is a burned jeep. If anybody know the story please educate me on that.. When we reached this point we were able to see “Devils Staircase” in a distance.

Just before few kilometers to Devils Staircase we stopped and enjoyed the view and captured some golden moments.

After some time we crossed a bridge and came to an important junction. The road to the right leads to Horton Plains and Road on the Left leads to Kalupahana.

After few minutes drive we entered the “Devils Staircase”; simply it is a steep ascend with hair pin bends and I must say Amila was an excellent driver and he took the 4 bends in a lightning speed; pity I couldn’t even take a photograph.

Anyway I was stunned and it was a remarkable experience for me even I was not the driver.

WoW! Amazing driving Amila…
After this stretch we came across some waterfalls and bridges and the scenery was beautiful yet we had to tackle some difficult bends and lucky it was not mist didn’t cover the road even it was 6PM.

After a quite drive we came across a place we were able to see Lanka Ella from a distance. We stopped there for a while and took some photos and continued the journey.

Then we continued the journey towards Kalupahana and came across a small water stream which was bambarakanda falls water source. After this we came across the famous “V-Cut” with a narrow passage. After passing this we stopped to take a photograph and we were able to see the winding road underneath.
We continued our journey till we reach Bambarakanda rest and it was dark when we got there and it took 3 hour and 15 minutes to complete the drive.

Have a Safe Journey!

Usually “Ambalam” were built in a chosen spots such as by the side of a paddy field or stream

Commonly “Ambalam” were simple buildings built by villagers on co-operative basis. They were consisted with a hipped type tiled roof on few timber or masonry columns. Perimeter walls were short and formed a seat for resting known as “Pila”.

Few were built totally with timber structures. In such a case, the Ambalama was built on four rock boulders to prevent from termite attacks. Panavitiya (or Panapitiya) was one of the said few.


Chamila(My wife) & I visited Panavitiya few months ago. Finding the Panavitiya Ambalama was not difficult although there was no sign board on the main road (Negombo-Kurunegala). The turn-off was nearly 3km before reaching Narammala town, where the road leading to the Matiyagana School. Having traveling another few kilometers we had to turn left again.

we reached the Archeological site passing a temple

“Sri Lanka Thilakaramaya“ the temple @ Panavitiya

With nearly 4km drive from the main road, we reached the Archeological site passing a temple. In the first moment, having seen the outside appearance of the Ambalama, I was also confused as like as most of the previous travelers, whether we had reached the correct place. But once we entered in to the shelter, we could discover the wonder of wood carvings that Panavitiya was so famous for.

The boutique located in front of the Archeological site

Little confused having seen the outside appearance of the Ambalama

wonders of wood carvings

Inside view

Beams, rafters & ridge plate

A dancer??

Column heads & wall plates

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