Journey to Sinharaja Rainforest


This journey became an important excursion for me as it paved the way for the renewal of or long lasting friendship. At first it seemed like a tedious task to get the participation of all but eventually it became a success.

Peessa Ella / Peessa Waterfall(පීස්ස ඇල්ල)

peesa ella 7

Peessa Falls is located in Peessa Vilage on “A5” road. You can take Monaragala or Bibila bus (A5 route) if you are expected to travel by bus. The below board (can be seen at the 22nd mile post form and there is a small Devalaya bit ahead form the board. Turn right as shown by the arrow.

Paramakanda Cave Temple Anamaduwa

paramakanda rajamaha viharaya18

It was a very long day. Many places visited in a single day and Thonigala was our Final destination. But while we were at Thonigala Paramakanda Raja Maha Viharaya was clearly visible from Thonigala 2nd Inscription. In Thonigala Inscriptions it is mentioned that the lake in Thonigala was dedicated to Paramakanda Rajamaha Viharaya.

Kurusa Palliya(Shrine of the Holy Cross), Thoduwawa Beach and Thaniwella Devalaya

kurusa palliya thoduwawa beach thaniwalle dewalaya 8

It was drizzling in the morning but we hoped and prayed the day to become a sunny one. The long awaited journey to the Chilaw began around 5.30 from Ganemulla. We used shortcuts to get to the Ja-ela on A4 road. The weather seems to be fine beyond this point and it gave us hope to have a great journey. Till we reach Marawila we didn’t stop else where.

Ultimate hike to the Top of Saptha Kanya Mountain (Seven Virgin)


In the morning we got into a Hatton bus at around 9AM and reached Ginigathhena around 11:30AM. From there we haired a van to Koththellana. We had our lunch and started to climb from Koththellana area. First you have to go through tea plantation and then pine trees.

Adventurous Hike to Lakegala Mountain

hiking lakegala mountain 8

It was a long weekend because of Poson full moon poya day. We were planed to visit Memure and climb the Lakegala mountain. We leave Colombo by bus at around 6PM and able to reach Kandy at around 9PM. We stayed the night at our friend’s house in Kandy.

Huluganga ella Falls, Jodu Ella and Thaliya Watunu Ella

hulu ganga falls knuckles3

We only had few hours to have a nap before getting up early to plan our next day activities. We were determined to get the best of the next day and planned to visit Jodu Ella in Thawalamthenna, Huluganga Ella in Huluganga town, Thaliya Watunu Ella in Alakolla Estate and Sembuwatte Lake in Mathale. The schedule was tight but it was successful.

Scenic Corbats / Corbets / Corbetts Gap via Meemure and Lakegala Mountain

corbats gap meemure photos19

We had a sound sleep but suddenly waken near dawn by a roar of a wild animal. We stepped out from the tent with some knives, lanterns and torches. We scouted the area but couldn’t find anything unusual. It was nearly 4 o’clock.

Belihuloya Non Pareil / Perial Estate Nagrak Bungalow via Worlds End

worlds end non perial12

It was a long wait near Balummahara finally Nissan Vannete arrived with the pleasant face which always had a smile; dear friend Viraj. Road was clear and we continued the journey towards Kaduwella where we picked our hiking professional Shashika. From there onwards we continued till Avaissawella where we purchased our food items.

Jeep Track from Bambarakanda to Ohiya, a must do for the adventure seeker


We started the much awaited trip to Bambarakanda on the 30th April from Colombo, and proceeded towards Ratnapura, where we stopped and got hold of some essential items for the journey. It was a nice and a sunny morning and we weren’t in a hurry as our plan for the day was to reach Bambarakanda and stay the day at the Bambarakanda rest.

Asupini Ella /Ahupini Ella/ Asu Pini Ella(30M) Aranayaka

asupini ella 5

Morning we visited Raxagala in Dolosbage range. Many waterfalls formed from the natural springs in Dolosbage range. Afternoon after the rewarding Raxshagala hike we planned to visit the legendary Asupini Ella. It was in my to do list for a long time and have seen the waterfall from a distance when we did Scenic Bathalegala Hiking Experience.

Addition of two cents to a traditional pilgrim (Day 3 & 4: Kataragama to Badulla & Home sweet home)


Having visiting Maha Devalaya at Kataragama in the morning, we left for Sellakataragama. In Hindu folks, this was believed as the place where the God Kataragama met his second wife Walli, a daughter of a regional leader of weddah. There was a cave believed as the place she lived.

Addition of two cents to a traditional pilgrim (Day 2: Dikwella to Kataragama)


We were busy in exploring the historic temple at Wawurukannala in the dawn. The giant statue of Lord Buddha at the Buduraja Maha Viharaya was said as the pioneer of the same kind.

Addition of two cents to a traditional pilgrim (Day 1 : Colombo to Dikwella)


While the war was in progress, Pilgrim on Kataragama was known as the only multi day safe journey. Though the 30 years civil war is over now & all the civilians have got equal opportunity to travel where ever they wish, Katharagama is still one of the most popular travel destinations.

Knuckles Mountain (6123ft) – An Adventurous Hike in Knuckles Range

knuckles mountain hike 3

Last day we climbed Raxagala, which was an extremely rewarding hike to Dolosbage Range. We went to bed early as our main itinerary (hike to top of Knuckles Mountain) was scheduled on following day. Got up early and was able to get in to Mathale train from Gampola station.

Raxagala / Raxshagala / Dolosbage Mountain Range (4691ft)

raxsha gala dolosbage mountain range7

Early morning we woke up with the sound mind thinking of the success of the previous day hike to peacock hill. Our original plan was to visit Knuckles on that day, but change of weather pattern gave us opportunity to visit Raxagala/Raxshagala in Dolosbage mountain range. We were determined to visit Dolosbage mountain range when we saw it from Mahaweli Maha Seya.

Peacock Hill / Monaragala (4991ft)


Night was young when we started the journey from Colombo and it took almost 3 hours to reach Gampola. We stayed at Dhanuska’s place. Next day early morning we left to hike Peacock hill after a tasty breakfast prepared by our friend’s mother.

Uda Maliboda / Ihala Maliboda / Deraniyagala Route to Sri pada


I still remember after the continuous rain for days, when we (Me, Shashika, Nirmal, Lakmal) reached Pettah bus stand to board into an Avissawella bus the sky was clear we felt a cold breeze. As always Mother Nature supported us through out the journey… Thank you… Our plan was to reach Avaisawella by 8.30AM but it took more time than we estimated.

Majestic Alagalla (1148m) & Dekinda Falls(30m)


Alagalla hike was a hike I was looking forward to do since last year but always the weather condition was the limiting factor. I left early morning from Yakkala and arrived at Mawanella. Guess what! as I got off the bus straight away I saw the gigantic mountain covered with a veil of mist which is a peculiar sight.

Sembuwaththa / Sembuwatta / Sembuwatha Lake, Matale

sembuwatha lake 7

We started the journey around 9.00 am from Kandy. It was a 2 hour drive to scenic Sembuwaththa Lake. This beautiful lake is situated in Elkaduwa – Matale district. If you are travelling from Colombo first of all you have to reach Kandy city then take the Kandy Matale main road. Once you come to the Ukuwela junction turn right towards to the Elkaduwa road.

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