Climbing Perch(කාවයියා)

Anabas (Anabas Cloquet, 1816) also called climbing perch  is a genus of the bone fishes from familia Anabantidae from perciform Perciformes fish. In Sinhala […]

Greenstripe Barb(බන්ඩි තිත්තයා)

The Greenstripe Barb(බන්ඩි තිත්තයා, පොඩි පෙතියා ), Puntius vittatus, is a tropical freshwater and brackish fish belonging to the Cyprininae subfamily of the Cyprinidae […]

Flying Barb(රැවුල් දණ්ඩියා)

Flying Barb (Esomus thermoicos) Occurs in ponds and ditches and can tolerate very muddy water during droughts . More common in muddy pools than […]

Werner’s Killifish(ඉරි හඳයා)

Werner’s Killifish (Aplocheilus werneri) is Endemic to Sri Lanka. Relatively unfussy. Although it is naturally a predator it will usually accept live, frozen or […]