Six-Toe Green Frog

Purely aquatic frog widely distributed in lowlands water bodies such as ponds, marshes,rivers and tanks with aquatic vegetations. Highest attitude where this frog is […]

Spotted Tree Frog(Polypedates maculatus)

Spotted tree frog is widely distributed in both low country dry and wet zones including arid zone up to 460m above sea level. It […]

House Toad

House Toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) Probably the most common toad of Sri Lanka, usually found in anthropogenic habitats throughout the island, both in wet and […]

Skipper Frog(උට්පටන මැඩියා)

Widely distributed frog, inhabiting all types of water bodies (prefer still water) from Sea level (Ex: Bundala) to higher elevations (Ex: Nuwaraeliaya).  It can […]