Hot! Hump-Nosed Viper (කුණකටුවා)

Mildly Venomous (If Not Treated Properly Can be Highly Venomous)

Hump-Nosed Viper (Hypnale hypnale) is a pitviper species found in India and Sri Lanka.No subspecies are currently recognized.

Grows to an average of 30-45 cm in length.The Armed Forces Pest Management Board states 0.4-0.6 m in length.Its build is that of a typical viperid with a stout body and a wide head. The snout is pointed and turned upwards, ending in a hump.The frontal and parietal shields are large, but those on the snout and small and irregular.

The color pattern is grayish with heavy brown mottling, overlaid with a double row of large dark spots. The belly is brownish or yellowish with dark mottling. The tip of the tail is yellow or reddish.

Hump-nosed viper,Merrem’s hump-nosed viper,hump-nosed pit viper,Oriental hump-nosed viper,hump-nosed pitviper,kunakatuwa (Sinhala)

Found in dense jungle and coffee plantations in hilly areas.Found active during early morning and night. Spends the day in leaf litter and thick bushes. This species can be found on the stream side basking during the sunrise. Although its a slow mover, is capable of fast strikes. It has an irritable disposition and will vibrate its tail when annoyed.Described as nocturnal, terrestrial and aggressive when disturbed.

Bites from this species, although previously thought to be innocuous, are now known to cause serious complications such as coagulopathy and acute renal failure (ARF). If not treated within a few hours, bites can potentially be fatal for human being.




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