White Four Ring

White Four Ring (Ypthima ceylonica) Upperside brown . FW with a large apical bi-pupilled black ocellus . HW posterior half white with 3 yellow ringed ocelli . Underside cinerous white . FW with one brown bordered , elongate ocellus and HW with 4 ocelli in a curve, the last one with 2 white pupils . Wingspan 34 – 40 mm.

An inhabitant of thickly wooded country , it is very common among grasses and weeds by the roadside. Active throughout the year , hovering close to the ground among the bushes in the plains and up to 1000 m in the hills. Flight short adn constantly settles down on leaves .

Green with 2 anal process pointing backwards . Body with a darker dorsal line , white at the 4 th segment and pale green lateral lines .Feeds on Grasses. Endemic to South India and Sri Lanka .



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